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Solutions First

Workers First

New Hampshire has to make it easier to do business. We need to lower the hurdle for starting a company in New Hampshire.

I want New Hampshire to not only be the #1 business state in New England, but in the nation. As Governor, I will:

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Students First

As a father of two young children, a taxpayer and entrepreneur, I am concerned with the status of our education system in New Hampshire.

We are faced again with the reality that for ten years our government has done little more than increase spending on schools, without working to ensure tax dollars are being used in the most effective and efficient manner possible

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Patients First

The latest available data shows an increase in health insurance premium rates in New Hampshire of over 50% since 2003 and for many, that has meant less options, coverage and quality of care.

As of 2011, New Hampshire has had the second highest average family health insurance premiums in the nation. What has Governor Hassan done to address this? The short answer is "nothing."

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